How Companies Can Benefit From Whiteboard Explainer Videos?

Currently, video content is one of the best marketing tools. Whether they are videos for social media, or for your blog or site, this media type is sure to draw the people’s attention you want. However, style of videos does matter. Simple videos don’t tend to reach more audience. Style along with various features like quality, voiceover, script, and technology used, all of these exert impact on conversion rates of a certain video.

Not all businesses understand the need to describe features and benefits of their products or services. How can you market your business, if you’re not clear as to what benefits your buyer will receive by using your product or service! So here’s concept of great marketing tool- explainer videos comes in.

What Are Whiteboard Explainer Videos?

Whiteboard Animation is a video style of explainer videos that enables viewer to see static images drawn on the screen. Generally, the script is narrated in background that reinforces the story that is told through the drawing. They are simple, engaging, catchy and brief.

How Do Whiteboard Explainer Videos Help Online Marketing Of Your Business? 

Whiteboard animations can help you deliver your message in unique way. They are meant to improve your business sales through following ways:

  • In addition to text content, you can include whiteboard explainer videos on your website to diversify the content.
  • These types of videos also help you top rank in Google.
  • Whiteboard explainer videos acts as learning tool for users who want to know about your business.
  • You could use these videos as branding tool since they help your clients to determine if product is useful to them or not. Moreover, during meetings, you just need to show explainer video of your brand that’s it. No more talks.

Making Of Whiteboard Explainer Videos

If you choose for professional service, whiteboard explainer video costs around $1500 for the first minute, which is totally worth your money given the potential benefits it comes with. A professional explainer video is meant to establish long-lasting contact with your viewers. This is because audience is more likely to click such content. Another option is to make animated explainer video yourself or hire team for whiteboard animation and design services. You can also find online whiteboard animation software available out there that would help you make compelling video for your business.


Thus, every business should have their own animated explainer videos on their website’s homepage, as they are more effective and compelling as compare to regular videos.

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