Reasons Why Animated Videos Are the Best Type of Content

  1. Animated videos are more visual

People usually prefer using animated videos because they are only focused on media. These videos are rich in media as they are made up of lots of images. This medium is very engaging and helps communicate and put across a certain message to the people watching the videos. Moreover, it is seen as an easy and effective way of communication. Videos are also retained more easily as compared to text.

  1. Animated videos are cost effective

The greatest problem video producer’s face is that it is very expensive. Research shows that around 41% marketers avoid using videos due to the lack in budget. Live action videos tend to be really expensive due to the actors, location, equipment and a lot more. However animated videos only require a monthly subscription. Businesses can simply created animated videos through cloud-based solutions such as GoAnimate.

  1. Animate videos scale with the business

Another drawback about video production is that there is a lot of content needed. As the business progresses more and more content is necessary. In the start of creating explainer videos you might have to make a video regarding your product. Eventually you will need to make videos that help individuals or videos that train your team to learn a new process. Creating content can be quite difficult, but with animated videos you can make several videos through a simple process.

  1. Animated videos are easily updated

Over the years, content creation is seen to have immense growth; however the main problem occurs when you are trying to update your older content. You could be a trainer or a salesperson, yet updating the older content tends to become a tough task. Updating live videos is a difficult task as you cannot re-shoot scenes or update the main focus of your video. That is where animated videos come to your rescue. Animated videos are much more flexible and thus easier to update. You can simply change your content and edit the video without any problem.

  1. Animated videos are psychologically more appealing

Moving images tend to appeal the human brain, which is why we still remember the cartoons we saw as children. This extends to animated videos as well. Animated videos are colorful and are much more engaging. Furthermore they create an emotional connection with individuals, thus it is the best option to use.

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