How to Write an Engaging Explainer Video Script

One of the up and coming trends in businesses is explainer videos. As the behaviour of the modern consumer is changing, so our communications. Now, to explain what your company and product is all about, you must make product explainer videos. Such videos are much more likely to be seen than lengthy texts with the same content.

Therefore, it is important for you to know how to make explainer videos. However, as more and more companies are using the technique, merely making animated explainer videos is no longer enough. You must make the best explainer videos. To do so, you must ensure that your script is engaging and fresh.

A quality script can make all the difference. It governs whether or not your audience will stick with you till the end. Here are a few tips for writing whiteboard explainer videos scripts.

Be pithy

There is no need to string long sentences. Your aim should be to be short yet informative. Keep yourself in your customer’s shoes. Think about what they would want to know. Only mention the top line benefits and your differentiating factors. Don’t waste time in going into the technicalities. This will make sure that your audience does not feel bombarded with information. The purpose of free explainer videos is to provide them with a gist of it. Don’t overdo it.

Don’t beat around the bush

The best explainer videos are short. Also, an average customer decided within the first 10 second whether they want to watch the whole video or not. Therefore, get to the main point from the get-go. Don’t mention any irrelevant information just to build your argument. Get right to it. This will help them get engaged and interested from the beginning.

Help, don’t sell

The tone of your script matters. Your audience should feel that you are trying to lend a helping hand. If they think you are trying to push them into buying something they don’t need, they won’t be receptive to your message. However, if they think you are solving their problems, they are likely to listen. Hence, be the problem solver rather than a salesperson.


Once you have written the perfect script and made a nice animated video, your explainer video will be ready. Watch as the traffic to your site increases. Witness as visitors convert into customers.

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