In the recent past, a lot of young people and some older ones too have turned to online dating. Instead of going to clubs to search for the perfect match, they are using online dating apps to get a partner.

Apps such as and Tinder have over 7 million users who are searching for their dates. Through Tinder alone, over 1.5 million dates are arranged each week.

Unlike in the past when people sought to build a lasting relationship through online dating, today’s focus is mostly on sex. A guy wants to go out on a date with a girl with the sole aim of having sex.

If the guy will be able to sleep with his date, he will disregard all future communication with the girl. It is possible that the girl wanted more than sex. For this, she will feel used and her self-esteem will hit rock bottom.

It is painful to have a person who used to ‘love you’ behave as though you no longer exist. The rejection will hurt more than when you get rejected at a bar.

Another reason why online dating leads to lower self-esteem is by looking at the physical appearance. A person dating online will be more conscious of how he looks.

He may discover that everyone else is trim and fit but for him, he is shabby. This will lead to low self-esteem and you will do anything to reverse the situation.

When a person you are interested in swipes left, the rejection may be too much for you. It makes you think as though you are not good enough which will hurt your self-esteem.

Whatever happens in online dating, it is important to maintain your self-respect. Do not let anyone take advantage of you because you are searching for a date.

If you are going out on a first date, be prepared that anything can happen. A relationship can be born or the person may never want to see you again.

When rejected, keep moving and the right person will come your way. Focus on those who love you instead of the rejection you got from your online date.