There is a lot of excitement surrounding the first date. You are not sure what to expect or how to behave.

Sex on the first date has its pros and cons to both parties. If you both agree to go on with sex on the first date, it is okay. If one of you is not ready, however, sex should be postponed to a later date.

Here are the pros and Cons of having sex on the first date


  • It will be possible to know if you are compatible or not
  • You will be able to satisfy your sexual needs
  • It is possible that you were just after having a good time and having sex was one of the plans
  • As a woman, it will be possible to know if the man is able to perform sexually


  • As a woman, you will look as if you are an easy prey and can have sex with any man. For the man, it will look as though sex is all you were interested in.
  • You will not have given yourselves time to know each before getting intimate
  • You could be exposing yourself to physical and psychological danger by having sex with a stranger
  • It can easily ruin your reputation.

According to the available statistics, 46% of the people engage in sex on the first date. This is a huge risk as it could read to health complications or loss of self-esteem.

There are exceptions where there is an instant desire and both parties are ready for sex. To be safe when going for a first date, go to a safe place where you will be in control of your emotions. You should be able to reject sexual advances from your date if you are not in the mood for it.

Go to a public place and from there you will decide if you will proceed to have sex without being pressured.