Tinder and Bumble are popular dating apps. You will be able to get a person you can have a good time with or a life partner. The choice will depend on a number of factors, the main one being what you really want.

Here is a comparison between the two to help you make a choice:


For Bumble, the women are in better control: this is because only a woman is supposed to start a conversation within 24 hours after the match.

For tinder, a woman may feel rejected if he swipes right and the guy disregards her. She will be in no position to start a conversation.

More options

Tinder has more users than Bumble which means a person using it will have more options. There will be an opportunity to meet more people though the results are not always positive.

Gender identity

Tinder offers multiple gender identity options. You will be able to use the app if you are transgender or have other identities.

For Bumble, you can only be identified as male or female. It will be possible to date a person of the same sex but impossible to stand out as transgender.

Actual date

For tinder, most people are interested in one-night-stand kind of relationships. This means that for most dates, no relationship will develop.

For Bumble, however, most dates will move to the next level where a relationship will blossom.


When using Tinder as a woman, it will be possible to get harassed by the multiple men. They may send disrespectful messages in your inbox without any regard to what you want.

For tinder, you will have the option of rejecting any advances you are not interested in as a woman. You will only respond to though that interest you within 24 hours.

The choice between Tinder and Bumble will depend on your personal preference. If you need a single date where you will have a few drinks, have sex and that is it, go for tinder.

If you need a serious relationship, go for Bumble especially if you are a woman. You will have better control over your choices and will stand a higher chance of getting into a serious relationship.